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Transforming waste into a resource

We are committed to helping industry, businesses and the community to create a sustainable Australia.
With our high-powered machinery, Country Waste Systems easily transforms all types of waste into compact resource products.

Waste Management

Commercial waste management projects

Country Waste Systems is experienced in delivering waste management solutions for commercial and local Government clients across the Riverina.

Country Waste Systems is experienced in creating a range of custom commercial waste solutions. Contact Tim and Alanna to discuss your waste management needs - 

Call our office on 03 5881 5664 or call Tim on 0409 039 669

Landfill reduction

On-site shredding services break-down and extracts scrap metal from whitegoods and other hard rubbish.

Mulching services

We operate regular garden waste mulching for multiple councils, reducing landfill and creating a useable and clean mulch product.

Mattress shredding

CWS has set up mattress and furniture shredding operations within local governement waste facilities. Our high-speed shredding equipment automatically seperates the metal from other materials, minimising time on site.


When conducting both small and large demolition services, we efficiently remove waste in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Tyre shredding

CWS runs on-site tyre shredding at local tyre services, which is more convenient and cost-effective than transporting them to Melbourne for disposal.

Pallet shredding

When a remote solar farm needed to dispose of pallets, we established an on-site shredding operation. The shredding process removes metal waste from the timber and the shredded waste was then utilised or transported off-site.

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